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If you are an older adult looking for tech help, call us toll-free at 844-217-3057 or choose one of the options below.

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    Testimonials from an Older Adult

    “I have gotten in touch with my older friends and explained the advantages of interacting via the current technologies. As a result, I have communicated with friends that I have not seen or heard from for many years.”

    “I enjoyed the program and interfacing with the App. student. I learned to use several communication applications that have become part of my daily life.”

    Testimonials from Students

    “Mentoring my neighbor, and seeing how many different things he could do after learning how to use technology was really cool. It showed me that even though a lot of older adults don’t know a lot about technology, they have the capability to learn and grow.”


    “My ideas about working with older adults has definitely changed throughout this program. I have never been really interested in working with adults, but this opportunity opened my eyes to what its like. Working with my neighbor, and seeing how beneficial it was for him made me more interested in helping other older adults.”

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      This is how our program is impacting our community.