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Tools for Cyber-Seniors Volunteers

If you’re reading this, you’ve already registered as a Cyber-Seniors volunteer and you’ve completed the Mentor Training Program on the Cyber-Seniors portal.

Understand our Services

The next step is to understand our services (webinars and phone tech support) and how you will volunteer to help deliver those services. The New Mentor Info Document and video tell you what to expect and what is expected of you while you’re volunteering.

Viewing Volunteer Opportunities (uSked)

Login to uSked to view volunteer opportunities. You MUST BE MATCHED WITH AN ASSIGNMENT IN USKED in order to earn volunteer hours.

  • If you have tried to login to uSked and get locked out:
    • refer to the email from us with your initial password
    • If you still cannot login, go to a different browser and follow the instructions on the login screen to reset your password

Completing Volunteer Tasks

There are 3 types of assignments that are currently posted on uSked. Further instructions on each of these assignments are below the descriptions.

  • Webinars: you would be one of several volunteers who would be helping to answer questions from seniors or participate in break-out rooms
  • One-on-One: you are using our calling platform, Flex, to call a specific senior who has booked an appointment to get tech help with a volunteer. When you are matched to this assignment, you will receive an email with the senior’s name and the time of the appointment so that you can locate the call in the task list in Flex.
  • Inbound call: you are using our calling platform, Flex, to be available to take any incoming calls from seniors who call our toll-free 844 number. There are no specific seniors to call. You are not expected to solve every tech problem; mostly you will be booking appointments for seniors from particular groups we’re working with or if you have time, you are welcome to help a senior with a quick question. You will also be asked to return any voicemails we receive or re-book seniors whose appointments were missed. Volunteers should read the email they receive when they’re matched with the assignment in uSked, and check this page for any updates before each shift.

Info for Volunteer Assignments



ONE-ON-ONE CALLS (Flex platform):


INBOUND CALLS (Flex platform):

  • PLEASE READ: Flex for Volunteer Agents
  • You are waiting for seniors to call. DO NOT call seniors listed in the Flex task list, except for any with a Volunteer Name of “Inbound”
  • Link to book a one-on-one tech call for a senior (if the senior doesn’t have an email, please enter scheduling@cyberseniors.org)
  • For calls from 844-918-3444 (Kerby Centre), please book the senior through the one-on-one call link on their website at https://www.kerbycentre.com/cyberseniors/
  • For calls from Seniors looking for a free device in Rhode Island, please direct them to contact their closest community center in Providence (401-680-5741), Central Falls (401-728-5920 ext. 317), Pawtucket (401-728-7582), Warwick (401-468-4070), or West Warwick (401-822-4450)
  • Niagara Regional Housing/Niagara Prosperity Initiative Project update Apr 1/21:  This project is now over. If a senior calls for a free device, please ask them to call INCommunities at 905-682-1900 ext 321. Other instructions: NRH-NPI-Project-Volunteer-Instructions
  • We have a specific page for Niagara, cyberseniors.org/niagara. Seniors may need help registering for our new webinars on that page. Registration is the same procedure as our regular webinars on cyberseniors.org/webinars. They also received a copy of our Participants Handbook.
  • For calls from Foster Grandparent Program seniors: book an appointment for them to get started on their video calling platform (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc.) to prepare for their training session with Cyber-Seniors
  • For calls from seniors who have questions about the survey they were sent: Cyber-Seniors-Senior-Survey
  • Please carefully read the email that is sent to you when you are matched to the uSked assignment.
  • Flex Login page: https://flex.twilio.com/chestnut-chipmunk-6278
  • If you are having technical issues with Flex, it may be your browser. Please try using Chrome.

Volunteer Hours

Assignments in uSked are assessed at 1.5 hours per assignment and hours from the previous week Sunday-Saturday are recorded in the Cyber-Seniors portal by end of day on Mondays (or if Monday is a holiday, the next business day). All school coordinators are aware of this timing.

Please note that you must be matched in uSked as a mentor on a webinar in order to get volunteer hours for those webinars. You will not be awarded volunteer hours for observing a webinar.

Go to your Cyber-Seniors portal Dashboard for your Volunteer Hours Report. To generate it, click on the report icon, enter the time period you want, then click Generate Report. You can then download it from the link that appears.

If you require more services/volunteer hours and are having a hard time getting enough hours in, please email us at scheduling@cyberseniors.org . We are always looking for more help, whether for our webinar or phone support services, or other tasks that Cyber-Seniors is doing.

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