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We invite you to learn how to use your tablets, laptops, desktops, and smartphones with Cyber-Seniors.  Work one-to-one with our trained tech mentors; register to participate in our daily webinars and online resources; and learn about all the services, resources, and organizations serving seniors that are available to you throughout the Niagara region.  We want you to be a part of the growing community of learners who are opening new doors in their lives through digital literacy.


Are you a senior looking to volunteer in your community but you don’t know how or where?

Do you need a free device to help you connect?

Contact INCommunities at (905) 682-1900 ext 321 or email volunteer@incommunities.ca

Weekly Introduction Webinars

For the absolute beginner or for those who need a refresher, these weekly introductory webinars will help you get ready to learn how to use new laptop and tablet devices.


I just got a free device, what do I do?

Book a one-on-one tech call with a volunteer

If you got a laptop without a webcam, please email us at info@cyberseniors.org

Book a tech call


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