Online Marketplaces: Facebook Marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace? Like eBay, Kijiji, and Craigslist, users can buy and sell products using their Facebook accounts.

Online Marketplaces: Craigslist and Kijiji

How do I use an online marketplace? Rather than buying directly from a shop, online marketplaces allow users to buy and sell their own new and used products, such as laptops, furniture, and even home rentals.

How to Shop On Etsy

What is Etsy? Etsy is an online retailer dedicated to selling handcrafted goods, vintage, and unique items. Users can buy anything from hand-poured candles to vintage homeware.

Learn How to Use Groupon

Want to learn about Groupon discounts? Learn how to use Groupon to find discounts at local businesses, including restaurants, retailers and services.

Finding Coupons Online: Flipp and Honey

Want to view store flyers and find discount coupons online? This video shows how to find flyers, load coupons online and create shopping lists on a smartphone or computer. Plus learn about discounts at online retailers.

Donating Online Safely

Interested in donating to charities online? Learn how to safely donate to charities and social services online. Plus learn how to research charities and avoid scams.

How to Use Apple Pay

Want to learn about Apple Pay? This video shows how to transfer money and make payments on an iPhone. Plus, it shows how to use your iPhone to pay for in-store purchases.

Shopping on Amazon

Do you want to shop on Amazon? Learn how to sign-up, shop and place an order at Amazon. Includes how to make payments and track your order.