Canva: Free Graphic Design Website

How do you use Canva? this is a free graphic design website. Canva is used to make and edit things like posters, social media posts, logos, flyers and much more.

PicCollage: Photo Collage App

How to use PicCollage? PicCollage is an app where you can add multiple photos together to make fun collage edits.

How to Use Photo Editing Apps

How do I edit my photos? Learn how to use photo editing apps to enhance your pictures. Many of these easy-to-use apps allow you to edit your photos for free.

Mixbook: Create Photo Books Online

What is Mixbook? Mixbook is a photo design tool and photo production service that allows users to design customized photo books, cards, calendars, and more.

Yoga for Seniors: Benefits and How to Access Online

Where can you practice yoga online? Learn about the health benefits of yoga for seniors and free resources where you can take your yoga practice online.

DuoLingo: Learn New Languages

What is Duolingo? Users can download the free mobile Duolingo app and learn or practice new languages. Choose from languages such as German, French, Spanish, and Korean.

Introduction to Online Gaming Platforms

Are you interested in online gaming? Learn where you can download free online games to play on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Ride-Sharing Apps: Uber

Discover the ride-sharing app Uber. Unlike a traditional taxi, know the exact cost of your trip before booking and customize the size of vehicle you would like.

Listening to Music Online: YouTube Music

What is YouTube Music Premium? Listen to and watch music videos on and offline without ads using YouTube’s paid-for service.

Listening To Music Online: Spotify

How can you listen to music and podcasts on Spotify? Learn about the audio streaming service and how you can access both its free and paid-for services.