Introduction to iPhone and iPad Settings

Want to learn about your iPhone or iPad settings? This video provides an overview of how to use settings options to get the most out of your Apple mobile device. Includes security tips.

Understanding Your Mac Computer Settings

Want to learn about your Mac computer settings? This video will show you how to customize the look, sounds, and general operation of a Mac – including changing your security settings.

How to Stream Music: Apple Music

What is Apple Music? Learn about the subscription-based streaming service and gain access to over 60 million songs using its music library.

How to Set Up Cloud Storage

What is Cloud storage? Learn how to set up and use Cloud storage on your devices as a way to store information. Plus: learn about different Cloud storage providers.

Mac Accessibility Resources

Want to learn how to adapt an Apple Mac computer for a user who may have sight, hearing, or motor function challenges. This video will guide you through using the Mac accessibility resources.

How to Use iMessage

Want to send and receive text messages on your Apple iPhone, Computer or iPad? This session shows how to use iMessage to send and receive text messages, audio messages and group messages.

Hotkeys for Mac

Want to learn to use Hotkeys on an Apple Mac computer? This video will show you how to work faster on a Mac by using Hotkey shortcuts that are built into every Apple computer.

How to Use Apple Pay

Want to learn about Apple Pay? This video shows how to transfer money and make payments on an iPhone. Plus, it shows how to use your iPhone to pay for in-store purchases.

Apple, Microsoft and Google: What’s the Difference?

What are the differences between Apple and Windows computers – and what are the differences between Apple’s iPhone and phones that use Android? This video explains the differences so you can shop wisely.