Everything About Amazon

Want to learn about Amazon and its offerings, including shopping, movies & TV shows, e-books, audiobooks and music? Start here to learn about Amazon and its services. Learn how to sign up and use them.

Shopping on Amazon

Do you want to shop on Amazon? Learn how to sign-up, shop and place an order at Amazon. Includes how to make payments and track your order.

Amazon Alexa Care Hub

Have you heard of Amazon Alexa? Now it’s time to learn about their ‘Amazon Alexa Care Hub’ service. Use the hands-free device to check-up on loved ones and call for help if needed.

How to Use Amazon Prime Video

What is Amazon Prime Video? Learn how you can create an account and use the streaming service to watch your favourite movies and TV shows.

How to Use Audible

What is Audible? Audible is a subscription service by Amazon for audiobooks. An audiobook is a recording of a book or other work read out loud.