Cyber-Seniors supports community organizations to deliver both in-person and virtual Cyber-Seniors programs. Whether you are considering starting a new Cyber-Seniors program or wishing to enhance your current program, we offer a rich and wide array of resources and services to help you meet your organizational goals.

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Create an Online Cyber-Seniors Program

We have trained thousands of volunteers to deliver the Cyber-Seniors program and invite you to tap into this valuable resource and use our customized scheduling system to ensure your seniors get the tech-support they need. In addition, our system helps you monitor your program, collect data and administer impact surveys.

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Start Your Own In-Person Cyber-Seniors Program

The Cyber-Seniors Start-up Manual provides everything you need to start a Cyber-Seniors program in your community. Check lists, templates, suggested programming and more.

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Train Your Volunteers to Work Virtually

With COVID-19 hundreds of senior citizens have been furloughed from their volunteer positions. Cyber-Seniors provides technology training for senior citizens who wish to continue volunteering in an online capacity. Formal instruction is provided followed by unlimited practice sessions, until the senior is able resume their activities independently.

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Train First-Time Users in New Devices

During this time of social distancing, many organizations are providing senior citizens with technology devices to keep them connected and self-sufficient. Cyber-Seniors provides training for senior citizens receiving new devices. Formal instruction is provided followed by unlimited practice sessions, until the senior becomes comfortable using their new device.

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Let Seniors Know About Our Free Services

Learn how to make it easy for seniors in your community to access Cyber-Seniors’ free technology support and training.


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Shout-out to Students

Shout-out to Seniors

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We Learn from Seniors

An inspiring example of what we can learn from senior citizens.

Growing our Community

Cyber-Seniors is creating safe communities for seniors to remain socially connected.

Building Intergenerational Communities

Let’s work together to bridge the digital divide and build intergenerational relationships.

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