High schools, universities, colleges and after-school clubs can take advantage of the Cyber-Seniors program by incorporating the Mentor Training program and volunteer opportunities into programming and course curriculum, including service learning and internships.

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Bring Cyber-Seniors to Your School or Community

Incorporate the Cyber-Seniors program into your class curriculum or after-school program. The Cyber-Seniors Mentor training program consists of video lessons, learning activities and hand-in assignments, as well as tool kits to support students wishing to start their own Cyber-Seniors program or host an event. In addition, we provide volunteer opportunities for students wishing to earn community service hours.

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Supervised Service Learning and Co-op Programs

Cyber-Seniors provides supervised online internships where students can receive real work experience and earn school credits. Students can choose from a variety of occupation-specific projects to “test-drive” career options, develop essential work readiness skills and build impressive portfolios and resumés for postsecondary education programs and future employment.

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Our Students

Meet one of our awesome student volunteers.

Our Students’ Work

An inspiring example of the work our students engage in.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Let’s work together to bridge the digital divide and build intergenerational relationships.

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